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Default Huting in rain

Do you guys stay home if its raining. If not how do you go about tracking? I ask this as I sit here watching it rain out of my office window. I would go with a gun but if I think the rain won't let up I have reservations about it due to the blood being washed away. Last year I shot a six point, perfect quatering away shot complete pass through. I came down and went to get a friend to help me retreive the deer. On our way back the bottom fell out . We got there to find no blood. Searched for 4 hrs to no avail. Came back the next day still no luck. A week later I saw some buzzards circling and went to have a look. The deer ran about 200 yard into a swamp that was inaccessible. Got some hip-boots and found the hornsMy best bow buck to this point. Now I kind have some heavy reservations about the rain.
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