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Bigtim. . . .I have read a few of your posts now and while your heart seems to be in the right place, you gottacheck your spelling. .I am no brain, I have sure hosed a few too . . .you will get folks to take you a little more seriously if you get away from the IM text message format and check your spelling.

With that off my chest. . .I agree that this hunting forum has many different kinds of poeple with different thoughts on hunting. I for sure don't agree with some things I see, but I will support all those here. These are my hunting brothers and sisters and when they are gonethe antismay win out.

With one exception. . . you don't shoot across a fence line. . . If it is not your land, that's it, no exceptions, that includes that 16 pt. buck laughing at you 2 yards on the other side of the fence.
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