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Default Opening day... sucked

I got up at 4am to start getting ready. I positioned myself on my property where I could see my deer trail that crossed my land and went to my neighbors(I have permission to hunt there too).

Well about 30 minutes before sunrise, I started hitting my fawn bleat. a few minutes later I got a reply. It was still too dark to see her, but I could her that doe. She was trying to find me. It started to lighten up. I finally see some color, but i wanted to wait a few more minutes so it would get a little brighter and I could get a good lung shot. Then all of a sudden my neighbor's son guns his truck right up his father's field doing about 60. I turned my head to see what was going on (my fault) and that doe snorted and ran up the mountain. Well I spent the rest of the morning hunting and didn't see her, but I heard some bucks playing. I couldn't get them to show.

Good thing, my neighbor's son didn't harvest a deer either.
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