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you need to make sure you can see light through the top of the arrow. in other words a loose fit is key. even though i bought the bigger model for aluminums my carbons still had a tight fit. i had to open the biscuit up and make the hole wider. i even snipped a little of the metal ring off with cutters to make it fit back into the rest nicely. you can purchase bigger biscuits also instead of modifying. also you need to make sure the biscuit is 90 degrees square to the string and your nock point is levelto 1/8 high. then check your center shot. i have used this rest for years with off the shell arrows from aluminums to carbons and at most only had mild wrinkle problems that was fixed by heating with a hair dryer. you can also put a drop of glue at the base of the fletching so it doesnt shred them off my younger brother uses pse carbons and the glue they used on them didnt hold worth a darn.
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