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Congratulations on your bow! The Red Wing Hunter is a great hunting bow.

Draw length doesn't matter nearly as much with recurves and longbows as it does with compounds, because traditional bows do not have a set draw length. Mass produced bows are all marked what their poundage is at 28" draw because that is the AMO standard. If your draw length is shorter than 28", you'll draw less pounds. If your draw length is longer than 28", you'll draw more pounds.

A rule of thumb to find out how much you're drawing a bow is to take the marked poundage, divide by 20 and multiply that by how many inches you vary from the standard.

You draw 30" on a compound. With a recurve, you won't stretch into the bow like you do with a compound, so you won't probably draw any more than 29". So, 55/20 = 2..75. That bow will likely draw 57 -58 pounds for you. I draw 32", so it would pull 66 pounds for me - assuming it didn't stack. (Stack is what happens when draw weight begins increasing at a higher rate at longer draws. You won't have to worry about stack though.)

The bow will be pretty stout for someone who's never shot anything but compounds before. It'd be better if you had a lighter recurve to start with, but you gotta go with what you've got. If you take it slow and easy, you can work into it. You've got to train your muscles to handle maximum draw weight at a completely different point in the draw cycle. Just keep keep good form with your shots and quit before you get so tired your form goes south. You might not be able to do that more than a few shots at first, but eventually you'll be flingin' arrows like an old veteran.

Hope you enjoy the bow.

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