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Default RE: 270...elk cartridge?

Just to beat a dead horse a bit,

I began my big game hunting where many have, in the whitetail woods. I started with a lever action 44 mag. Soon I saved enough to buy a remington 700 in 243 win. I thought I was in heaven. The 243 is a very good weapon. A lot of deer have been killed with one. No one will ever claim that a 243 isn't enough gun to kill a whitetail. Though it is lightfor the species.
After a few years of shooting deer and tracking themanywhere from 50 to a couple hundred yards, something happened. It was completely by mistake. When I was sighting in my 243 I couldn't seem to get enought elevation out of my scope. I just kept twisting the knob with no resulting elevation correction. Finally, I turned the knob and the internals of my scope (Burris probably 20years old) flew out the top. There i was two days before season with no scope. Dad loaned me a 280 rem. Opening morning I shot a decent buck it dropped after running 10 yards ( still in sight). Right then and there I figured something out...... Its better to hunt with a heavy for species rather than light for species caliber.

Now, back to the 270 debate. Will a 270 kill an elk? no doubt about it. I consider it a light for the species caliber much like a 243 for whitetail. I would prefersomething heavier such as the 338 win. No one can argue that the 270 is incapable of the task.If a 270 is what you own, and you don't want to buy a new rifle(for the life of me I can't imagine) then certainly use it. If a 270 is the limit of your recoil sensitiviy....then use it. etc. I just feel that there are calibers better suited for the job, but they have disadvantages too. For example, the 338 is a thumper. It hurts to shoot of the bench. Everything is a trade off.
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