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Default RE: 270...elk cartridge?

I too like to carry plenty of gun. The 270 is one of those guns. For 45 years I have hunted elk with friend and relatives and hunting buddies. So far I have not seen a shot that I felt I was not equiped to handle with the weapon in hand. The 50 Cal Muzzle loader and 44 Mag contender have both scored one shot kills several times. In fact the fastest I ever saw a elk hit the ground was one I shot with the 14 inch TC Contender in 44 Mag with a 300 Grainn Hornady bullet at about 70-80 yards.At the boom he was on the ground and never moved. He was walking toward me as I was standing on a fire road. Although I was standing in plain sight< I don't think he was aware that I was even around. I use the same bullet in my %0 cal TC Woods rifle. I hit a cow elk with it and it broke the shoulder and exited the far side.

I have never shot an animal with the 270 using a factory load. I have not shot anything with a factory load in years except a couple times for deer when I didn't have time to reload any. I get pass throughs on elk with many different bullets. I have used the 150 grain Hornady Spire point and the Barnes X bullet and the Nosler Partition. A couple times I tried the Speer Grand Slams as well. All have performed pretty well.

If I ever see the 270, 280, 30-06 fail then I might look at something bigger again. That is of course if the failure is the fault of the caliber used. That ain't likely to happen or I would quess it already would have back when we didn't have the quality of bullets we have now. These good bullets have cancelled out any use I ever had for a bigger caliber. Good luck to all this Fall. The quality of the factory ammo now is tempting me to tapper off on the reloading. I am going to try some new factory ammo this fall and give it a chance. I wouldn't however put much faith in the hype on cartridge boxes, I have chronographed to many that just didn't come very close to their claims.
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