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Default RE: 270...elk cartridge?

You guys show me one manufactuer that has a CXP 3 rating on the 270 winchester.Neither winchester,Federal or Big green offer a round out of the .270 that has a Heavy/Bone breaking/round for the .270 win.
I have lots of freinds that shoot 270's for elk and I don't cuss them out,cause it's better than a .243.
I don't like the .270 for elk I have seen to manyfail.I think the spectrum starts with .280 power and up.For me I like a elk round with something like 1500 ft/lbs at 500 yds.Not that I shoot that far,but if I ever wantI have a gun that can doit.
I find the 30-06 better suited for elk than the .270,and if you can shoot both of those then a 7mm mag or 300 wsm realy fits the bill.
But thats my veiw,if you are comfy with what you shoot then shoot it,but you better have the mind to pass on some shots and some range.
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