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Default RE: 270...elk cartridge?


** Went back and checked.
My mistake, had you crossed up with a different guy.
Amended my post accordingly.

didnt you start the thread .270 No Way?
To my knowledge I've never originated a thread by that title.
Even the longest thread I've been involved with on this subject didn't say people couldn't use 270's but rather focused largely on accumulating a series of points that point out the advantages of using something bigger (like a 30-06).

** Regarding shot selection and angles. It is true I prefer a rifle theaffords me the wherewithall to do what ever I want, and then it is up to me to decide what is best for any given moment and how I will execute the shot opportunity. There are plenty of shots that lie between the broadside shoulder shot and the Texas heart shot. But as is classic internet form, folks tend to swing past the intermediate points directly to the extreme in an attempt to make their point and ignore what is in between. No, I have never taken a Texas heart shot.

"....I lean toward the 30-06, but....."
It is hard to believe that when we're that close, we end up this far apart.

I know, there is more you said after the quote, but what you "lean toward" and what I consider the soundminimum are the same thing --- the 30-06.
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