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Default RE: Bowtech Advertising vs Mathews/Hoyt

Have you ever figured out why Mathews can afford to advertise so much? Their competitors are paying most of the freight in licencing fees for their cam patent. I know that when Allen got his patent on the compound bow I believe each manufacturer I paid $2.60 per bow licensing fee. (Tom Jennings wouldn't pay, got sued, lost and went bankrupt!) It is very interesting that since Darton licensed their cam and 1/2 to Hoyt, and then to many of the others most of them have that style cam in their line, either exclusively or in part. (I am wondering how much this is cutting into Mathew's bottom line.) It's funny that Darton kept a pretty low profile in the advertising, but now almost everyone is using their basic concept. We (my sons and I) are shooting Dartons that we got as soon as we could when they came out with their CPS system. The old adage is that when business is good you advertise, and when it is slow, you advertise more.
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