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Default RE: Bowtech Advertising vs Mathews/Hoyt

You guys that are saying that you prefer Bowtech over "Brand X" because they don't advertise as much is one of the most ignorant comments I've ever heard. Manufacturers advertise to sell their product. The more you advertise, the more people see your product. When it's time to make that bow purchase, which bow mfr. do you think is going to be near the top of the list of considerations? Yeah, the brand that is smart enough to get the word out about their product. Placing ads in magazines that you guys are reading, buying air time on your favorite hunting show, etc., etc., etc. Manufacturers such as Mathews, Hoyt, Easton, Browning (and the list goes on), actually sets aside millions of dollars each year for that local bow shop of yours to advertise not only the manufacturer's core product(s), but your local bow shop as well....all at no cost to your bow shop. And if there are multiple bow shops in a given market, this could be the difference between an average year or an outstanding year in sales.

And if you're not seeing Bowtech in your favorite hunting magazines, you're not looking hard enough...they advertise because they know it works. They do have a nice "word-of-mouth" campaign that appears to work on these hunting forums, but they are certainly not relying on that as their main source of advertising. As they sell more product, you'll see more and more advertising from them. Your favorite hunting character(s) on The Outdoor Channel will surely start shooting their bows, for the right price. Eventually, they'll get sick of the Drury's & Waddell shooting Hoyt, and so many others sporting the Mathews brand, that they'll pay a hunting superstar to shoot their very own. It will happen, trust me. And when it does, some of you shouldn't bad mouth them for doing it. Last I knew, most manufacturers like to sell the products that they produce...advertising is the key ingredient for this.
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