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Default RE: Bowtech Advertising vs Mathews/Hoyt

Bowtech is running full page color ads in just about every major archery and/or deer hunting publication that I pick up and read. The difference between them and everyone else is that their ads are a lot more subtle and classy. Not a lot going on, just a picture of a bow, an animal, and a small paragraph of text. Definitely a lot less cluttered than some of the other ads that point out every single feature their products offer.

However, in the world of marketing you want to leave people with a lasting impression of your image - preferrably good, but negativity creates a buzz as well. Personally I prefer Bowtech's print ads over many of their competitors, but it doesn't seem as though they're quite as effective since a lot of you either miss them or forget about them.

As for TV/Movies - it costs a lot of money to really start plugging your name onto some of those shows and everyone does it. Bowtech seems to be taking a different angle with the PBR and the truck they sponsored, and it seems to be working. Sometimes being different is good.
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