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Default RE: Kentucky Rifles

Thanks for all the great advice, fellows. You've given me a few things more to consider as I narrow my choices. I really appreciate it.

How much are you willing to spend?
I need to keep the rifle below $400 this year. The Traditions Kentucky Rifle falls well below that price, but I'm really not too impressed with it. It just seems cheap. I haven't had a chance to handle a Cabela's model yet, but that might be my pick in order to stay within budget. D&R Sports has great prices on other models like the Plains Rifles, though. The T/C Hawken is a great gun for the money, though, and I've found a few dealers selling them under $400. If I do get a Hawken, it might just be that one.

Now that I'm sitting here going over names, I realize I have a whole lot more looking around to do. Thanks again for everyone's help!
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