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Default affordable Hunts


Let me start by saying that I know this a chat room. I am not a booking agent and don't make a dime off these hunts. We travel all year filming and I just thought I would share some hunts I feel were worth my time and money. We go a lot of places and have had some real bad hunts with outfitters. After several years of trial and error, we feel we go to some real nice places and hunt with some great people. I love to hunt here in Maine, but to extend my season or take a kid I love to travel. These are places we have been and would recommend. Maine hunters work hard for their money and don't part with it easily. These are all great hunts for the cost. I share them with you because its nice to go where someone has been . If you are interested or just want to talk. You can reach me at 207-890-1642 or [email protected]

Woods n Water North Carolina
If you have seen the show. We took two monster bucks there on tape in 03. You can shoot 2 buck (8 point or better) and 4 does. You will see an average of 6-8 deer per sitting. The season runs from mid October until Jan 1. $1200 meals and logging included 5 days

French Farm - North Carolina
This a wack and stack mission. You can shoot 2 bucks and 4 does. You will see plenty of deer, but not a lot of trophy class deer. No min. on bucks. You can shoot what ever you want. This is a fun meat hunt, and you might see an 8 point. I was there last year for three days in Dec. I shot 4 does and a 5 point. $500, You take care of meal and lodging 5 days.

Buck Run Hunting Club South Carolina
This is a new operation. This property has been QDM for 5 years and boy are there some bucks. We hunted there for 3 days in Oct and took 4 awesome bucks. You can shoot 2 bucks and one doe. If you shoot out he has a property that has hogs on it. The hog hunting is ok, there are not a ton and you don't always see them. The bucks just have to be mature. No point rule. Kids hunt free with booked parent. Larry runs about 95% on trophy bucks. I saw deer every morning and every night. This would be a great hunt to take a new hunter on. Kids can hunt at any age in SC. Lodging is included $1000 5 days (only 10 spots per year) season is Aug 15- Jan 2 , first 2 weeks are bow hunting

Young Scouts, Saskatchewan Can.
This is what you see on tv. The outfitter runs about 98% on 150 or better class bucks. We took a 150 class 304lb (dressed) on tape. This hunt is a great deal of money. $3,500. But is cheap by Canada standards. If a quality hunt in SK is what you are looking for this is the place. There are a lot of guys up there that take your cash, but have no deer. Lodging and meals are included. Dave takes about 1 booner a week. Best was a 191 class last year.

Atlantic Adventures New Brunswick Bear / Knoxford Lodge
I think this is the best Canadian bear hunting value out there. The outfitter runs near 100% on spring and fall bear. The average bear taken tips the scale at 200 lb dressed. A 300lb bear is not uncommon. I took a 400lb bear in the spring after passing on 18 bear. The fall bear weigh more, spring bear have longer coats. The hunting pressure is light as the government regulates the number of outfitters. Jim books 15 hunter in the spring and 15 in the fall. The hunt is $1,000 and lodging is included. The camp is 1.5 hours from Bangor Maine. Getting guns and bows into Canada is easy and the lic is about 38 U.S. funds.

Outdoor Adventure Company Maine Bear
This is our guide service (so I guess I would make a dime) We offer bear hunts over bait and with hounds. We run about 100% on both here in western Maine. Lodging is included. $900 bait and $1,200 for hounds. The is a special for early booking of bait hunts. If someone books before Dec 15 the price is $600.

Old Florida Hog Hunters

This a cheap hunt for hogs in the upper pan handle of Florida. I was on vacation and felt the need to hunt. The hunt cost $200 and they guarantee you a shot on a 1 day hunt. Yes this is fair chase. They just have a large number of hogs. The hogs are mostly feral with very little Russian in their blood line. Still a real fun hunt. I took a 351lb hog on camera there that hangs on the wall. It was a break from mickey.

Buck and Boar in South Carolina hogs.
Here is the deal. There is a fence. The property is 1000 acres. The size of a small town. It is fair chase by SCI standards. The owner put up the fence to keep poachers out and work on QDM. There are hogs on the property, mostly Russian boar, native to the area. The state also brings in nescience hogs they capture. They animals are 100% wild. This aint no pet and shoot. The hogs hunts are 99% success and can be hunted from stands or spot and stalk. The hunt is $650. This is lots of fun in February as the weather is cool and our season is over.
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