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I’ve never fished for cats my self but I’ve seen and heard of very large channel cats being caught in and around Selkirk and Lockport. These are two towns north of Winnipeg about 45 minutes to and hour away at the most that are along the side of the Red River. I would have to ask my brother on how big they get. He does allot more fishing then me. All I know is that they catch lots of master anglers and we have lots of Americans that come up fishing for these big channel cats.
I’m not sure where they winter because I do ice fishing on the Red north of Selkirk and have never caught a channel cat. We are always looking at getting green backs ( walleye) that come down from lake Winnipeg.
Just south of Winnipeg we have a large wire screen fence that runs through the Red to make sure that the big ones don’t go south for the winter.LOL
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