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Default f/s PSE Stingray LH loaded up

I'm thinking of going traditional only, so I'll be selling this one.
PSE Stingray approx. 4yrs old
adjustable 55 to 70#
adjustable drawlength 27-31
32" axle to axle(I think)
Golden Key 3D Rover rest w/ teflon sleeves
two-peice PSE quiver
Isolater stabilizer w/ quick disconnect
PSE 5-pin RS-glow sites with extra pins
String will need replacing this year.

This little bow is very quiet and forgiving with its 7 1/4in brace height and is pretty quick.(over 300fps IBO)
$325 and I'll pay shipping in lower 48
Pics are available if you're interested. PM or email me at [email protected]

I may also be interested in making a swap for something on this bow. As you can figure by my screen name, I'm always interested in T/C barrels, but would also be interested in just about anything. Let me know.
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