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Default RE: Verdict - Goex Pinnacle?

I'm not sure if Pinnacle and American Pioneer Powder are the same or not. Pinnacle is jet black in color whether that is caused by the use of charcoal I could not tell you. They are both made by the same company.

As for its shooting. Well I would compare it to the Clean Shot I have used. You can shoot a number of rounds without fowling the barrel. It seems to have good power. I never noticed it hating moisture... and I was shooting it in the winter while it was snowing.

Actually it worked really good in the inline rifles and sidelocks. The flinters were another story. You should load a little Goex first, then the Pinnacle, use Goex as the prime if you were going to use Pinnacle in the flintlocks.

I have my brother's promise he is going to look for some Black Mag3 and Triple Se7en FFFg grade since I can not get them here. Those are the next powders I want to try. Since some of you have reported such good luck with those, I like to test things...

If I had only sidelocks or inlines I could see shooting Pinnacle instead of all the other powders I have tried so far. Clean up is a snap with this stuff. If Black Mag3 cleans better then this stuff, it must almost clean itself....
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