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I agree totally! I think only fair chase hunting is true hunting. Now whether that is on private or public land doesn't matter. I know of public land that is land locked by private. The only way to get to it is through private land, to do that you must ask permission and most likely pay a fee to drive across a man's land. Should animals killed on that public land be excluded from the P&Y or B&C record books as well manboy? No this argument is pointless. I am totally opposed to high fence or canned hunts. I am oppossed to Hunting shows on TV that hunt on high fence ranches. But, hunting free ranging animals on private land is in no way different from hunting on national forest land.

Also, while we're at it I would like to make a request. When someone asks a question about a specific gun or caliber, lets answer the question not tell them our personal preference on calibers. It must be aggrevating for someone to ask if he should buy a 300 wsm or a 7 mag and have everybody argue that the 270 is enough, or that the 30-06 is best or hey buy a 338 already. Those are our preferences.
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