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Where I hunt in East. WA., the Game Dept. usually comes in every year, traps them, and takes them to places like Okanogan County. That same flock that has been trapped at least the past two years is totaling somewheree near 280 in the winter. But if the GD keeps trapping them in huge quantities they'll end up messing up like they did over here in the westside. There used to be larger flocks of 25 to 60 until the WDFW came in, trapped them, and tried to disperse them before they could take a solid hold. Turkeys are few a far between now. I think they should get s'more Easterns for the westside and shut down the season for several years after planting them. God knows that won't happen because you won't have people buying 3 tags trying to the WA. Slam. And we all know the people up in O-Town love their money.
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