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Default RE: private land hunts vs. public land hunts

Well spoken TX. I have noticed that too. I remember not too long ago, one person made a comment about a mule deer that was shot on a 30,000 something acre working cattle ranch. No high fences, just field 3 string barbed wire fence. But that deer was not hard earned. I have no problems with hunting on private ranches, especially working cattle ranches where the area is wide open, and deer, elk, or antelope can still easily outrun and outwit their oppenent (namely US). I hunt water holes on public land, I don't hesitate to take the first opportunity at an animal (ie, if it is standing next to the road in season). Its not my fault it presented itself that way, lol. I think this mentality comes mainly from people in the more populated areas where there are a larger amount of high fenced ranches, and less room between towns. I know of some ranches out here that are larger than the space between most towns back east!! Now if that isn't a barrier, I don't know what is, lol.
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