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Default RE: Wa. House considering Game Law Change

Commies every last one of them, the new gas tax should be a great example of how the Democrats and alot of our so -called republicans DO NOT listen to the people. How many time have we voted it down yet they still raised it, saying it took courage to vote that in. NO stupidity, courage would've been to cut the waste and use the money right....I know we're off topic but I just got done reading the draft for the turkey management plan, and sure enough the Boobermint wants to get their hand into more of the workings of our birds.TUrkeys are doing well right now no thanks to the WDFW, but the NWTF and folks like you and I who've put in time and money to help them grow. All we need now is the WDFW to take over and turn turkeys into the same thing they've done with Deer,Elk, Salmon and Steelhead......what a shame[:@]

With that being said, in order for us to continue to expand our flocks we do need this plan,and the State is taking public input , and I feel we need to male sure that they don't take total control over it, they need to work with us(NWTF) to ensure we keep doing things right. As long as that happens will be alright, but I think the WDFW wants a Dictatorship on this one and that scares me.
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