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Default RE: Wa. House considering Game Law Change

That is unless we smoke, drink, or need fuel to get whever we go...... Then they're trying to get thier filthy mitts on as much of our $$$$$$$ as they possibly can. I see now where they burned a bunch of it to make M.L. King the official namesake of king county. They said that the Vice President who it was actually named after owned slaves and it was inappropriate to leave it alone. I guess now K/C was named in 1889 for a guy who wasn't even born yet! And of course the selected "Wench" signed it.
Say bye bye to I-601 also. Look out all, the California emissions standards bill is about to be crammed down our throats too, to add thousands to the price of new vehicles. Come on Chelan county-Get her out of there!!!

Lets face it hunters and fishermen are not that important as far as Olympia is conserned.
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