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Default Acadian Woods bows . . . opinions

I'm going to be in the market for a new heavier longbow (60#) and have started looking around. I have a Crusader (52#) that I really like, but I'm open to other bows and really like the design of the Acadian Woods Tree Stick (No offense Chad).

Has anybody had any experience with them or heard anything about them??

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Default RE: Acadian Woods bows . . . opinions

I don't remember what I thought when I shot one (99% sure I have), but I have seen some real lookers. Have heard it both ways on the performance--but that's with any bow if you talk to enough people.

No offense at all! Shoot, that's a big part of the fun with this sport!

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Default RE: Acadian Woods bows . . . opinions

I am also interested in the Black Widow PL X longbow, so any experience with or opinions about the Widow would also be appreciated.

This trad archery stuff is really getting addicting.
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Default RE: Acadian Woods bows . . . opinions

I had a recurve - 3 piece TD Signature. Quietest recurve I've ever shot. Very smooth, seemed fast enough and stunningly gorgeous.

If not THE sweetest recurve I've owned its right there with an SAII I had - but so much prettier !!!!!!
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Default RE: Acadian Woods bows . . . opinions

I visited Tim at his shop earlier this year (my Son lives about 6 miles away) and shot several of his bows. They are some of the most attractive bows you will ever find, and they perform as well as any I have ever shot. The Tresticks I shot were both very smooth and shot woodies (which I am sure were tuned for that bow) well. I think you would be well satisfied with any bow that Tim builds. Good luck
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