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Default RE: How to convince her ?

You cant make her. yet I dont know nothing about girls. other than they get on me nerves. yet i still like em.<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle><img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: How to convince her ?

Well, if you do get her in the woods do a type of hunting that's exciting, like squirrel hunting or turkey hunting. Getting up at 4 or 5 to go sit still for 6 hours in 30 degree weather isn't the easiest thing to get girls to do...I got one to go deer hunting with me last year and I don't think she'll ever go back out in the woods. lol

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Default RE: How to convince her ?

if she likes skeet shooting take her dove hunting.
she will get a lot of shots and will proply want to go back

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Default RE: How to convince her ?

yep try to get her on a dove hunt or a waterfowl hunt and take her to your best spot so she will have some shots. when i got into hunting my brother took me hunting and i got lotz of shots and that is what hooked me
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Default RE: How to convince her ?

As soon as I figure out women I will tell you. LOL

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Default RE: How to convince her ?

<font face='Tahoma'></font id='Tahoma'><font face='Impact'></font id='Impact'><font face='Georgia'></font id='Georgia'>i agree with brdsl43, if she doesnt want to go hunting its the worst thing that you can do. but ya never know, good luck.

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Default RE: How to convince her ?

I'd say take her hunting with you honestly, either dove, quail or whatever, its all good and might just work. Other then that don't try to force it on her because that wouldn't be good.

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Default RE: How to convince her ?

i agree deer hunting probably isnt the best thign to start her of with something exciting will be the thing to get her hooked, and make it as comfortable for her as you can, women like that....i think......

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Default RE: How to convince her ?

go squirrel hunting and give her your most accurate gun so she cant miss and give her lots of shots that will make her have fun and want to go out again
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