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TJD 03-20-2005 06:25 PM

Soybean Suggestions
I am going to plant some soybeans as part of my food plots. I have settled on RR beans, but was wondering if anyone has suggestions as to the type. Last year, the deer literally ate a 3 acre field to the ground. Does anyone know of a bean that recovers a little better from browsing, or alternatively, one that has a longer season?

RonM 03-20-2005 07:17 PM

RE: Soybean Suggestions
Get a bean within group 4 any number starting with 4, 4402 , 4702, they are the longer season bean and when they are eaten, they might not recover at all.but that is why you are planting them , for deer to eat , right ?

Tree climber 03-25-2005 06:12 PM

RE: Soybean Suggestions
it takes a big field to keep them from eating them all befor they are big enough to last.once they get 1' tall they will last pretty good.

timbercruiser 03-25-2005 07:04 PM

RE: Soybean Suggestions
You probably will need to put an electric fence around a small patch like that to give the beans a head start.

farm hunter 03-26-2005 05:38 PM

RE: Soybean Suggestions
When did you plant the Soys last year?

It seems like the deer let them be - a bit longer - if you plant them early - like late May for me.

When I plant soys late - they become tender young growth - when everything else has been green a while - and the deer cannot leave them alone.

Plant early if you can - 3 acres - 40 lbs/acre should be able to take alot af grazing.


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