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Yourmove 01-29-2005 06:31 AM

What is a good combination for a 4 acre plot in south carolina, the soybeans and cowpeas get eaten too fast so what combo's could i make. Like lab lab, soy and cowpeas. hummm thanks

RonM 01-29-2005 07:23 AM

RE: Combo
Try s strip of corn, strip of clover, strip of corn , clover , about 4 or 6 rows of corn at a strip, , however it works out on the planter then clover for about 30-36 ft then corn again, in the late summer seed some rape in the corn rows,, should hold them for awhile...

Yourmove 01-29-2005 06:52 PM

RE: Combo
Well see this is at the highest part of the rice field. It will only flood in november. The deer will tear up the cowpeas and soybeans if i dont plant enought of them . So i was thinking about getting re-bar and bed sheets cut long ways 2 inches wide. then putting washing ditergent in them. to keep the deer out. also tin foil, T shirts any thing to keep them out. I mean a half acre plot will be gone in and hour. lol. So i would thinking since no grass that i know of will grow during the summes that will shade the peas, instead of corn i would drill sorgrum in 1 week proir then after it gets up about 2 inches or more drill in the peas.

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