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farm hunter 01-12-2005 07:11 PM

really good map site for NY state
I post this link every so often - In NY we are really lucky to have such a good site for aerial photography!!!

keep clicking with a "+" until it the street map turns into a picture. I Use the distance meter to figure acreages and seed amounts & fertilizer.

My area in Central NY was updated recently with a 2003 picture.

Try it out if you haven't before - I'll bet you'll flip!

Dan O. 01-13-2005 03:14 PM

RE: really good map site for NY state
So where should we be looking for your property farm hunter?

Dan O.

farm hunter 01-13-2005 07:53 PM

RE: really good map site for NY state
About here

farm hunter 01-13-2005 07:59 PM

RE: really good map site for NY state
Close up

Dan O. 01-15-2005 06:06 AM

RE: really good map site for NY state
That's a very useful system farm hunter. We have to purchase our aerial maps and there is little on line. Now I want to call up a few hardiness zone maps to see how you're situated.

Dan O.

Dan O. 01-15-2005 05:08 PM

RE: really good map site for NY state
Farm Hunter; it looks like there's a finger of zone 4 (-20 to -30 F.) that extends down where your property is. If you were east or west you would be zone 5. Are there any pear trees growing near your property?

Dan O.

farm hunter 01-15-2005 06:52 PM

RE: really good map site for NY state
Hi Dan -

Years ago we had some "wild" pear trees - that grew in the pasture - but not many. They were small and ripened early - they were very grainy - My grandfather said they were from the seeds of Some "nice" pear trees on the neighbor's farm. The Good pear trees were all gone then - and now I don't think there is much left of the wild one's either.

I'd like to grow some pears too - can they grow OK in zone 4?. Basically - I've got a 2 acre "lane" next to the cabin to make into an orchard. Its in-between the spruce/pines I planted - and about 30- 10 ft sugar maples I transplanted which are up hill from the flat I left for the orchard.

In my orchard - I want a variety of cold weather eating apples - a few plum trees, maybe a couple pear trees. I think I could easily plant 40 trees over the next 5-6 years. Also - an assortment of grapes. The grapes are are on the agenda for next spring - along with maybe 10 new apple trees - or maybe a couple more if I can afford it. I will try your "snow apple" variety - I'll see if I can order it this year.

I'm looking at Semi-Dwarf and Standard trees. - Is it OK to mix them - or should they be set apart for some reason ?

I was looking that the Nursery in Potsdam - becasue we do get very cold weather some years. Last year were were in the -20s quite a few times and -30s at least once.


farm hunter 01-15-2005 07:02 PM

RE: really good map site for NY state
In case anyone didn't notice - the map is an infar-red picture. The Bright Red Trees are conifers.

The picture is from probably April - you can still see some snow drifts around.

Basically - if its Green in real life - it looks red in the map. You can see the tinge of red in all the clover fields. The Corn Fileds look greenish.

On our Property - the large conifer groups are Hemlock - mature ones maybe 16-22" DBH. The Mature woods are mixed Hemlock, Cherry, Beach, Ash, Yellow Birch and Sugar Maple.

The lone red spots in the young woods are mostly White pine - I have treestands in several of them - and using the measuring tool - I can figure the yardage to field edges, landmaks, roadways - even if I can't see them from the stand.

RonM 01-16-2005 07:31 AM

RE: really good map site for NY state
Sean, back to an earlier post, I wouldn't bother planting that in S configurations, looks like the near perfect layout for nice straight work, Sometime this summer when you are going to be around I sure would like to get up there and visit and meet you and check out that deer camp, looks like a near perfect "recreational operation", just keep having fun.. and keep planting that RR "stuff"... Ron

Dan O. 01-16-2005 06:41 PM

RE: really good map site for NY state
Farm Hunter; if you're neighbours are growing Bartlet pears then you're probably in zone 5 and should be able to grow any variety. The best way to be sure is check what they're selling at the local nursery. You shouldn't have a problem.

You can mix semi and full dwarf apple trees but it isn't efficient. One semi dwarf tree may have a 20' diameter while the dwarf will only be 10'. It's best to plant dwarfs in one row and semi dwarfs in the next. The inter tree spacing will be about 10' for the dwarfs and 20' for the semi's (rough numbers).

Dan O.

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