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Criggster 12-06-2004 03:54 PM

Alfalfa Food Plot
I am thinking of planting an alfalfa and clover food plot this spring. And, am going to use the AlfaRack seed blend. Has anyone used this or any other alfalfa either as a food plot planting or for livestock? What kind of results did you have? I want a planting that will last for a few years, and already have some ladino and red clover growing in my meadow. My neighbor will mow and bale it during the summer for his horses. I am trying to give the whitetails a year-round food base and will be planting brassicas for the winter forage.

Hawgnman 12-07-2004 01:18 PM

RE: Alfalfa Food Plot
AlphaRack is great. My small plot is in it's second year. I had a weed problem in the spring, but Vantage did a good job on the weeds. Check the planting dates on-line and get the soil tested. Use at least the amount of lime suggested by the soil test. BTW my plot is near the central NC/VA border.

tazimna 12-08-2004 07:57 AM

RE: Alfalfa Food Plot
We've had very good results with "vernal" alfalfa here in MN. It's a tried thru and thru seed that handles our weather well. If your plot is worked well and you fertilize every year or every other, it's very common to get 6-10 years from it. Heck, one of my small fields hasn't been replanted in 20 years, and it still has about 30% vernal still growing. Another option instead of haying it, is to haver it chopped and blown back on your field. This is an excellent source of nitrogen and benifits your plot greatly. Taz

Parrot Head 12-09-2004 07:11 AM

RE: Alfalfa Food Plot
The guy I hunt on is going to plant some Round up ready alfalfa this spring. I am going to get some and plant it in my plots. It would be easy to spray round up on.

greg-dude 12-09-2004 07:37 AM

RE: Alfalfa Food Plot
I was not aware of there being any round up ready alfalfa.

I grew alfalfa for years as a hay crop. Be sure to have soil tested and proper pH if you are serious about planting it. Weavils could be a problem in the spring. The neighbor harvesting it, could provide enough income to offset the cost. In general, alfalfa is costly crop to plant and maintain especially if you don't have well drained, fertile soil.

Life expectency of a dairy quality alfalfa field is generally about 3 years in my area (central MO) in well drained bottom land. I don't know what type of quality horses need, but I assume it is similar. I hope your neighbor has heard about blister beatles if they are around your area. Alfalfa is call the queen of legumes, but it can be a real pain in rear end to produce economically.

Criggster 12-09-2004 11:05 AM

RE: Alfalfa Food Plot
Thanks for the info. I will be giving it a try soon. One of the reasons I want to plant it is for the variety factor and the life expectancy. I will be sure to do the soil testing before planting. I am skeptical about whether or not the soil drainage will be sufficient. It is very fertile meadow on top of a rolling karst landscape and the depth of the soil is approximately 1'-2'. I will do some more research before planting time.

Parrot Head 12-09-2004 11:37 AM

RE: Alfalfa Food Plot

It is fairly new. It is put out by I know I wont spell it correct. Monsanto. The same people who make round up and make round up ready corn and soybeans.

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