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buckmine 11-21-2003 09:04 AM

How come acorns are not harvested?
I have driven through cities where acorns are mashed into the roads and wasted. You would think with the deer industry being a multi million dollar industry that acorns would be harvested and sold?

Just a thought after reading the corn question on deer not always having the correcet bacteria to breakdown corn.

My uncle always rakes his acorns and brings them to the farm. The deer hit that pile of acorns quicker than the ones falling from the trees. Less searching for the deer when there are closer together.

greg-dude 11-21-2003 12:15 PM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
I can' t imagine it being economical fessible to pick up acorns. I know that it would take quite a lot for me to pick them up.

Off the point a little, but a while back on one of these sites, someone mentioned marketing a pelleted acorn-like product. He was trying to develop a market for deer feeder use of his product. You may want to do a search of this site and I could give you a few others where I routinely visit if you want. It is not legal to bait in the state of Missouri where I live.

buckmine 11-25-2003 09:35 AM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
I wouldn' t want to imagine picking up acorns either.

But walnuts and other tree nuts are harvested.

Minnesota doesn' t allow baiting either, But I do like to supplemental feed after the last season which is bowhunting on Dec 31st.

FlDeerman 12-02-2003 09:17 PM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
I guess I'm the dumb one,I pick them up and use them.Deer will hit them first over everything.As for the city crushed ones(I just noticed this)watch the wild birds,they go nut over them.

greg-dude 12-03-2003 03:42 PM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
Your just a man with a lot more time on your hand then me. Out of couristy, how much would you sell them for?

I helped my kids picked walnuts this year. They picked up over a hundred dollars worth. I wish I would have made them keep tract of their time involvement. By the way, walnuts bought for $0.10/lb. When I was kid about 25 years ago, they bought $0.06 to .08/lb. I picked them every fall for about 10 years.

Hawgnman 12-04-2003 08:46 PM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
I picked up some acorns of the sawtooth oaks around my house and put them out for the deer, but them just ignored them. They sat in a bucket in the back of my truck though a couple of rains and they fermented a bit. Maybe that's why they ignored them. I would have thought that would attrack them even more.

FlDeerman 12-04-2003 09:48 PM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
Sell them?About a $100.00 dollars a pound.:DNo I pick them up at work,a hand full here and a hand full there.I then let them dry.The deer love them.

greg-dude 12-05-2003 08:06 AM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
At that price my kids would pick them up for a few hours. Hey, I may even help them.

Have a good holiday.


wigmap 12-05-2003 10:21 AM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
You could try sucking them up with a wet/dry vac and then just dump them in a sac. Seems like that might be an efficient way to do it.

greg-dude 12-05-2003 11:38 AM

RE: How come acorns are not harvested?
I will need a very long cord where I live at.

Good ideal for the city though.

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