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Best no-till food plot seeds?

Old 08-30-2021, 11:47 AM
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Default Best no-till food plot seeds?

I plan to do some tilling before spreading seeds, but just wondering if anyone has had much success with the "no till" type of seed.
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panting anything isn't magic, nor is any planting method
if were honest, to make a seed grow, it needs very simple things
1 being contact with soil,
2 soil that has nutrients in it the seed needs to grow
3 sunlight
4 water!
and 5 proper temperatures!

when you don't have all these in proper amounts, you may NOT have any growth to poor growth
have all in proper amounts and you will have a high yield !

there is no magic to planting seeds, and there is NO magic seed that can grow well without all the above!

typically when you use SO called NO TILL seeds, what your doing is adding seeds at a higher rate, to allow for all the seeds that NEVER reach the soil, to GIVE things a chance to grow
this is why its so strongly recommended to do a soil test before wasting time and money on seeds and trying to make something grow where it doesn't have the ability to do so!
but even doing a NO till planting, if your soil isn;t good seeds won't grow or will grow poorly,

and by the way EVERY time you turn the soil over, you will have weeds grow, as there are dormant seeds in the soil you bring to the surface when you turn soil over! that then get sunlight to start growing on you!

the whole point of a NO till planting is to avoid this problem!
so if your going to turn the soil over , your defeating the gains of planting with the NIO till method!
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I really like Whitetail Institute products. Their imperial clover is amazing and secret spot is really good as well. Last year I did a test with their product called imperial no plow. I planted part of it just by scattering on the ground in a couple of areas and then I planted where I did all the prep, tilled the soil, etc.. The seed that was put into the tilled ground outperformed the seed where the ground was just cleaned by a factor of 2 to 1 in my estimation for what that's worth.
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In a springtime no-till plot (in the north), products like Clover Plus or Non-Typical would be good choices (late summer through fall in the south). The tiny clover and chicory seeds make easy seed-to-soil contact.
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