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Off Season Pressure

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Default Off Season Pressure

Hey guys, new member here. After hunting on leased land for the last 30 years, I've acquired my own 400 plus acres to use as I see fit. Since I have a family I'd like to be able to use the property in the offseason for hiking and playing around in the creek that flows through the property. However, I've always been reluctant to do anything to my hunting areas at any time of the year that might push deer off. How concerned should I be about running deer off my property by using the property during spring and summer (one or two weekends a month, tops)? Am I being too OCD? Thanks!
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yes pressure can cause some deer to leave, as some deer are just less tolerant to human activity about them

but most deer that have lived on a plan tend to adapt to things, and work about you and just stay put when your in some places and move to other places while you in a spot they rather be!

if in the off season they adjust, they don;t really have a reason to associate the two IMO with danger, as no harm has come to them, if you follow, moving back and forth,a s in above

But its always best IMO< to have some place on the property that NO one ever goes and make it desirable for deer to find and use as a main bedding safety area
400 acres is a big chunk of land, and should be more than capable of having some spots you leave alone at all times!

things to keep in mind though, if lands near you offer better food ./cover/safety/water ALL there needs 24/7/365, deer can and will leave and NOT come back to place there getting moved about on often!
NO reason to tolerate being annoyed by humans if not needed

so, name of most games in deer management is, making your land the most appealing to them in order to keep them on your land and NOT leaving!

better the land is on your end, more deer it will attach and more tolerant they will be to some humans, if the food quality is better!@
people like deer will wait in line to eat BETTER foods, over scraps else where!
how much fuss they will put up with?? to have that better food over safer meals< is where the balance act has to come into play

again, have prime foods near areas you NEVER enter, and odds are high, you will not loose any deer! IMO

run all over land like free willy, and well, your hurting yourself and chasing deer away!
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