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Problems w soybeans

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Default Problems w soybeans

Planted roundup ready beans 3 years ago and deer were pounding them all the way into Febuary. Last 2 seasons they eat the leaves and won't touch the beans? Haven't seen a single deer in the bean fields eating them??? Anyone experienced this?
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Just guessing here, but one reason I plant mixed plots is sometimes they will feed on one plant, sometimes another. Best guess is they prefer certain growth phases for certain plants.

I was taught in school that a large portion of a Deer brain is dedicated to their sense of smell. And detecting predators isn't the only reason. They need trace elements in there diet and follow their nose to them while foraging. The Deer may be telling you there is some sort of soil deficiency. Phosphate or Potash maybe.

I plant a lot of Rape, they really hammer the young plants after the first frost. And again the new leaves in the spring. They may graze the plot all year somewhat, but really don't get interested in the seeds much until it gets cold out and winter hits. What I'm getting at is they may not graze a plot the whole growing season, some phases are more interesting than other growth phases.

Instinct (and their nose) is telling them what to eat and a large part of it is what is in the soil.

A good Acorn year and my plots might be empty. I hunt in the Oaks.
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We tried RR soy beans and after rather dismal results both in crop performance and deer usage, we switched to a mix of Sunn Hemp and Quail Haven. Of all the annual summer crops we have ever tried, this mix has proven to be the one that has been used more by the deer and held up better to heavy use. Research the Sunn Hemp. I think you will be pleased with what you read. We started planting it in summer of 2014 and have had terrific results. Try some varieties of perennial clovers too. That will give the deer choices.
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the year you had the good deer use on the pods - was it colder then normal winter?

My deer always eat the hardened seed Oct-till gone - but we always have most activity when its really cold or lots of snow or both. I cannot speak for the more southern states but when its mild out - they prefer greener sources of protein.
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