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do you really need one?

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Default do you really need one?

Im wanting to know does a plot really help. I mean my herd is all over the place and I know there pathes. Does a plot bring in more deer or just what you have to one spot.
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A good plot brings in deer that would not have been there. Trouble is, bait will do the same, so when my neighbors start baiting, things can come to a halt. Hoping my late fall plot this year can even things up a bit.
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They help, but not like on the TV shows. After crops are harvested and most plants turn brown in the fall, a nice green oats, winter rye, or brassica plot will draw and hold deer. Another reason to food plot is so you can spend more time in the field. You never know when a special sighting will occur, and taking care of a food plot is a good excuse to see what is happening. They take time and money, and it also helps if you enjoy growing crops for you inner farmer.
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I say that food plots help,when most crops have been harvested a nice food Plot tucked away in an area that the Deer feel safe will draw them out for You to shoot...plus there great to have for a Young Youth Hunter to hunt over for them to get a shot as a nice Deer also!Even if the Deer use it occasionally it gives You an opportunity at getting a Deer and it is really helpful if You Bow Hunt.

We plant food plots to keep the Deer in or Area and it gives them food thru late Fall and into the Winter months and early Spring when food is scarce or depleted?We're not allowed to put out "Bait" during Deer Season but can use salt,minerals and many different types of food plots and it gives You a wonderful sense of accomplishment to see the Deer,Turkey and Quail all using the food plots!
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This is how I look at food plots, first you can’t compete with large agriculture fields so this is what I do. First I put in spring and summer plot of clover and chicory to give deer good nutrients they needs after winter and all summer. Secondly I place my kill plots (plots I will be hunting) just outside bedding area so when deer get out of their beds they can feed in my plots on their way to large agriculture fields. Third I plant fall plots of Turnips, Kale, and Rape in Wisconsin it’s around the last week of July or the first week of August. Then in late August I’ll plant Oats, all of these fall plots give you greens that the deer like and at this time off year you can bring in deer looking for a green food source. The last reason I put in food plots is to give deer food for winter. Turnips work very well for the deer in my area. I hope this help answer your question. Also keep in mind there’s no magic food plot so plant different types and once you find what the deer like you can put more. For more information and ideas on food plots look at my videos on YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ScrapeLineHunters/videos

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I agree with Remdog. I first started putting in a plot about 3 years ago. I have three now. My biggest is located about a hundred yards from my cabin. While its not the best spot for a hunting plot, due to the activity at the cabin, it does draw the deer in. Especially the does with the fawns. In my area, there is not a lot of agriculture, so the risk is worth the reward for the nutrition, i guess. have two smaller plots that I have stands by, but I only see smaller bucks. Still, I look at it as having increasing my chances for a harvest, buck or doe. They both taste good in the pan!

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i plant game plots to supplement deer browse. Also to attract and hold deer on the property.

One of our properties is surrounded by by wheat. There are wheat fields in three directions far as the eye can see. The deer walk through that wheat to browse our game plots. They bed in the thickets, swamp and tall grass on our place.
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I think food plots planted near your stands help keep deer in the area and brings in more deer .Plant something that will work good in your state ,I tried some Turnips down here in South Ga. and the deer could have cared less. Also baiters get lazy and stop putting out bait towards the end of season so plots start working even better then.
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There are many benefits of food plots. I've been planting them for 23 years, ever since i was at a pasture walk and saw the benefits of grazing turnips by cattle. If your trying to grow big deer, there are nutrition benefits of brassicas and some of the improved varieties of clovers over alfalfa and other legumes. Food plots also extend the grazing season. There are also huge mineral/nutrition benefits of some food plot products. In areas where baiting, minerals are prohibited in Wisconsin, you really can help rack development by proper selection of food plot products.

Plus, when you plant food plots, it also can be a relaxing hobby and learning experience. If it's fun, then look at it as a nice hobby.
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Kinda like asking, "do you need a compound bow to kill a deer?" Of course you don't need one. People killed deer for a long time with long bows just like people killed deer before the benefits of food plots were realized. Like the previous poster said, if its something you enjoy doing, and you have the time and money, why not? Plots are definitely very helpful for nutrition and attraction. Are they needed tho? No
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