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what should i put into a deer feeder

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Default what should i put into a deer feeder

ive heard the sweet feed is a good attractant but i was wanting to put corn in it what would be better
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Corn is all you need. Most of the sweet feed would be wasted, even if the deer did learn to eat it.
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Yeah, if corn aint doing it then you have it in the wrong spot. Nothing will beat it.
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i tried a some sweet feed and the deer didn't like it. Some say that sweet feed can harm deer. It can cause something called lactic acidosis. They claim an excess of corn can cause the same condition. Was at our Atwood's store the other day. They were selling sweet feed that was bagged in 2007: i wouldn' feed that stuff to any animal.

This year we started buying soybeans and blackeyed peas in bulk. The deer love both. We also feed corn.

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From experience I know that the problem is not just what the deer will eat but, what will not clog your feeder. I have tried dry feed, split corn, corn and horse feed. The first thing I learned was, although my feeder had 150 lb. capacity, it clogged that way. It worked better if I filled it half way. If the humidity stayed high, that clogged it. During the dry times, whole corn worked the best. When not using feeder, they seemed to prefer the feed with molasses in it. Also, horse feed worked as weel as deer feed and was cheaper with higher protein. I usually bought 12% protein.

You have to watch your feeder to make sure it stays clear and working.
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Sweet feed can cause acidosis, but lactic acidosis is something entirely different. If a deer were to suddenly eat large amounts of sweet feed, thatís where acidosis could occur. Itís not likely to happen with wild deer unless theyíre starving, but in theory it could.
Edit: I read the post in the link to the GA forum, and that individual poster is incorrect about what can happen and why it could happen.

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Good Ol triple-cleaned whole corn will work the best in a Feeder and hopefully it won't clog up?Put down a salt or mineral block also to help draw the Deer in also.I have tried the small 4 or 5lb Apple-flavored mineral blocks (size of a brick) and the Deer love it,they are easier to pack out into the woods and once they disapate into the ground the Deer will still paw and eat at it!
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Corn is what I put in mine, but depending on your location they may not start really eating it till later in the season. A word of advice, set your feeder settings on low side till you can determine how fast they are eating it then increase as you see they are eating it. Especially if corn is as much where you are ($22/100lbs here).
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Well....we hear this question all the time.

First and foremost you have to define what your real objectives are.

1) Is you feeder a spin feeder or free choice(gravity)?
2) Are you feeding to attract and kill or do you want to implement a year around supplemental feeding program for overall herd health.

Feeding deer for herd health vs. quickly attracting deer to hunt and kill are entirely 2 different objectives. Both can be accomplished with great results.
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