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Ideal Food Plots in NW IL?

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Default Ideal Food Plots in NW IL?

Any suggestions?



winter wheat?

btw anyone know where I can get some soy beans in IL say between chicago, rockford, galena? along that route would be nice.

ie just the beans, but un-roasted etc....ie natural, like shelled corn I think its called but shelled beans?

thanks for any help!

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We always put out winter wheat and ladino clover down here in KY. I'm sure it would grow well in IL too. I think we paid around $30-$35 per 10 pounds. I know the deer sure seemed to like it.
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Alfalfa/clover will depend on your soil. A soil test would be very helpful. If you have a pH of 6.8 plus, and the soil is well drained, alfalfa would be a good choice. Clover can tolerate a pH to about 6.0, and moister (not wet soil) conditions. You can also lime the soil if you have a lower pH for alfalfa/clover. Winter wheat would be a better fall choice. Peas & oats mix would work great in early spring or fall.
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Default Sw wi

i would go with corn beans and alfalfa. I never had good luck with the turnips or beets.
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Alfalfa is great but takes a considerable amount of work. If you are in a situation where you can get someone to bale it for you at the proper times it will do great. Another option is mowing it but if the cuttings are left on the field you run the risk of smothering out new growth. If the Alfalfa is not cut or mowed it will get woody and loose its appeal to deer.

Here is a valid option. fall planted Cereal grains like Oats and Rye will offer a food source through the fall and into the winter. Throw in some Med Red Clover to help build the soil and keep the soil Covered in the spring and offer browse quickly in the spring. Maybe some AWP added to the mix? And if you have some white clover near you will have available food source while planting the fall plot each year keeping deer accustomed to feeding in that area.

As far as where to purchase soybeans, might try this link. See if anything close anyway. http://www.yellowpages.com/galena-il/farming-service?g=Galena%2C+IL&q=farming+service

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Try your local co-op for soybean seeds. I just planted mine last friday. The cost was $14 a bag for roundup ready.
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