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24to1 11-17-2008 10:43 AM

Spring and Summer Plot

From what I have read on the forum here Turnips, Oats, Rye, Winter Wheat, Rape or a mixture of all of them is a good deal to plant for the winter. I live in Alabama and it appears as if I can plant that all the way up intill the end of October and it will be good through the spring.

My Question is What then? In the spring should I disc it all under, perform some soil maintenance (Ph, etc)? What would be some planting suggestions that would help promote healthy, and rack heavy deer throughout the summer?

Also, our Bow season starts the middle of October, should I be relying on Winter growth at this time to be drawing the deer? I mean, should I have planted my winter stuff in like August to have it good for October? OR should I be relying on the Summer crop to be good enough to keep em around?

Here is a pic of about half of the plot...the hill in the middle will be leveled in the spring. The entire plot is about 110 yds x 75 yds and is surrounded by include some Oaks.

So many questions...:)



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