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xlilcntrygrlx 09-12-2007 09:17 AM

Help with Paper
Hi,I usually hang out in the Bowhunting forum, but thought ya'll might be able to help. I am doing a research paper on how science and technology have helped to manage deer populations. I have checked out the QDMA site, but I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.


falcon 09-13-2007 06:56 AM

RE: Help with Paper
Here is a good link:

Good luck with your paper.

xlilcntrygrlx 09-13-2007 12:39 PM

RE: Help with Paper

ORIGINAL: falcon

Here is a good link:

Good luck with your paper.
Thanks, I appreciate it!

floridabucks 09-14-2007 06:22 AM

RE: Help with Paper
Try the Journal of Wildlife Management published by theWildlife Society. It will have specific research projects that yoiu can reference for your paper. I have an associates degree in wildlife management and have participated in several Whitetail research projects.

I would have to say the single most important technological advance would be radiotelemetry. Now that deer can be radio collared, scientists can determine home ranges, find carcasses to determine cause of death, determine mortality and survival rates (to a lesser extent), etc.

DNA testing is also a huge advancement in the wildlife management field. I am not sure if it is used much for deer, but I worked on a Grizzly Bear Study where DNA samples were used to determine the # of Grizzlies in the Nothern Continental Divide Ecosystem. These samples could also determine sex and some geneaology.

Sorry to ramble, good luck with the project. I would definitely suggest consulting journals.

Hawgnman 09-15-2007 07:15 AM

RE: Help with Paper
Go to

Click on Reasearch.

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