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One more win for Idaho Hunters!!!

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Default One more win for Idaho Hunters!!!

As much of you have heard, Idaho has now delisted the wolf. What this means is that the IDFG does not have to get approval for management plans from the federal government!

They already had a conservation plan in place, and in some areas of central Idaho, they have already begun issuing permits to take down the wolf population there!!!!!! I saw one of these beautiful things at a IDFG breakfast!

History: The IDFG has wanted to take down the population in the Lolo area by at least 75% because of the toll it had on the elk herds in that area. The federal government, because of petitions from anti-hunters/pro-wolf activists denied the plan for the last year and a half. The anti-hunters were happy to see that the IDFG had to lower the amount of tags for hunting...and the success rate in that area over the last two/three years was dramatically lower than in past decades.

According to the article in the IDFG newsletter...they have plans to nurture and increase wolf populations in some parts of the state...especially where disease is hurting the mule deer and whitetail populations in the south. In central and north-central Idaho they plan on managing and even removing the wolf population from some of the areas so that the herds will benefit from the wolf packs instead of being damaged by the packs.

This is a very highly controversial subject in the state, and if you are an Idaho hunter, I am sure you have hated that you can't have more of an impact on these animals that were forced upon us by activists.

Even though this isn't the best thing....complete removal of the wolf....it is a step closer.


P.S. If you are not from Idaho, and you have not personally seen what these animals do to the herds....or you have not had a pack of three to four animals come into you while you where trying to call in the elk....or you have not seen the animals kill and only eat the internal organs of a healthy cow elk....or ifyou have not been witness to the elk not vocalizing or bugling anymore....or ifyou have had personal friends watch their family dogs and hounds get killed, not hunting, but on their chains in the back yard of their families home.....I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HOW THE WOLF IS A BEAUTIFUL AND MAJESTIC ANIMAL THAT IS HEALTHY TO THE LAND!!!! Although you have your opinion....I have seen and experienced to much pain and sorrow from these terrible animals to hear you out, or accept what you have to say. If you read my other posts you will see I am very open minded and enjoy feedback and the views of others, but in this particular case...I passionately oppose pro wolf opinions!

I am human and can get some of my info wrong....thats fine and you can point any of that out....but I still won't budge as I have PERSONALLY, WITH MY OWN EYES AND EXPERIENCESHAVE SEEN WHAT THESE ANIMALS DO! I have tried to live my life so people would respect my word so I wouldn't have to be insecure about my beliefs and lessons learned.

Dog killed by the Mcall pack....notice it is still on it's chain....the tail in the picture is another family dog that did not make it.

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Default RE: One more win for Idaho Hunters!!!

That's too bad about those dogs.But good news about hunting the wolves.
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Default RE: One more win for Idaho Hunters!!!

Its good news for all of us.Even the dirt worshipers,although they dont realise it.Those animals have to me maintained like any other.And i think we are the only other animal out there that can take a wolf out.
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Default RE: One more win for Idaho Hunters!!!

i don't understand why ppl want them to repopulate again. u don't need wolves to control deer or elk herds, hunters can do that. not to mention all the problem with them attacking dogs and even ppl. i hope they don't come to NY, although they probably will eventually, but they wont make on my property...
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