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Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

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Default Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

I have looked at the Whitetail Institute and other designer seeds. I think some of them are probably very good. However I am wondering if they are not like designer jeans, you pay more for them than the Carharts but the Carharts are tougher and do a better job.

What has been your experience?

We planted 8 acres of corn this year for deer. 15 acres for deer and pheasant with varying seeds varities,but no designer seeds (other than round up ready corn).

I live up north where it is cold and dry (North Dakota) and am wondering if the significant extra money for the designer clovers and alfalfa are really worth it.

Let me know your 2 cents and experiences.

Also, anyone know of a good source of seed in bulk?

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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

I tried a designer type seed once and it was very good. But I replanted later with a mix I had made upat my local mill and liked it better. I'm in N.W. Wisconsin, and have harsh winters and thought that some seed company in the south could not really help me that much. Read what's on the designer bags. Talk to your mill and see what they have to say and can mix up for you. I'm sure it will be cheaper than those fancy bags will be.
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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

Another option and something that my dad and I do on our farms, is allow a local farmer to put some acreage in alfalfa for his cattle. He gets the alfalfa, the deer love it in the spring-early fall, and it doesn't cost us a penny. In fact, we make a little money off of it.

We also plant smaller food plots with a generic mix of clover, turnips, etc, etc and it really grows well. I honestly think seed is seed, but I am not an expert.
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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

I have never used the designer seeds. Our local seed mill blends their own and that's what we use. The designer ones are very expensive compared to generic seeds. We don't throw money around on our plots, we just plant the cheap stuff, and it works great.
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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

If you can find local seed thats adapted to your area by havig been harvested in your area thats the way Id grow. I do buy all kind of seed butI plant it my way not the big box way . Like Ill plant 3 times as much seed as the bag says becouseI dont like the way it grows 10lbs to a 1/4 acre . WhenI plant wheatI plant it 120 lbs an acre or more ,So the designer seed says 40 lbs an acre .DUMB.The reason they say that is so everybody will think theycan grow it .For bulk seed make some friends with the local feed and garden store to see what they can do for you .my two cents
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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

The generic seeds are the same seeds in a different package. There are even "generic" RR seeds (not sold in a fancy package at BPS). Your local co-op or seed dealer can whip you up a batch of seed that will work well locally.

The seeding rates are there for a reason. Part of that reason may be as you said, Tex, but it is mostly because the plants begin to compete with themselves for available nutrients at higher seeding rates and do not do as well over the life of the planting...but I still like to do the same and increase the rates some...not tripling, but sometimes up to 50% more....just in cases where the deer are really going to hammer the planting though.
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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

Our experiences with numerous plots over the years has obviously varied from a few of yours. In our test plots we have seen certain brands of seeds do consistently better than other companies. I will add though that seed blends from many companies do seem less then ideal and I wonder if perhaps the term "blend" means swept off a grainery floor and thrown in a bag! For the record though, Tecomote products have consistently out produced ANY other companies products we have tried in my region.
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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

In my limited experience a good local seed company is going to know alot more about what is going to grow well in your area than a designer mix of seeds made in some other part of the country.

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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

i have tried the expensive stuff and it did not work.Now i will stick with black-eyed peas, soy beans, wheat, oats, Japanese millet and turnips. The Garvin county, OK extension agent put me on the black-eyed peas and they work great.
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Default RE: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

I planted a Biologic brand about three yeas back (can't remember which) that had brassicas in it and the deer were always feeding on them. Last year, I planted a 1.5-2 acre plot of brassica and clover, but this time used Agway brand because it was cheaper. Well it grew big and looked nice but the deer never touched a single brassica plant from the agway mix. I mowed the beJesus out of it til all the Brassica was taken over by the clover. The deer now frequent the plot for the clover.
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Quick Reply: Designer wildlife food plot seeds vs generic

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