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Whitetail Institute "Extreme"

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Default Whitetail Institute "Extreme"

Has anyone tried the North American Whitetail Institute product "Extreme"? I have a food plot about one acre in size and have tried clover for the past 5 years. I planted the plot twice. It does not do very good. I had the PH tested and it tested at 6.4. The soil is sandy and it seems like clover does not do good there. I am thinking of planting the Extreme product. I would appreciate any feed back. I would also like to know about Roundup or a generic form of it. How much of the concentrate would I have to purchase to spread over one acre of land?
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Default RE: Whitetail Institute "Extreme"

I've had good experience with Imperial CLover. Used it for many years. It needs heavy soil that holds moisture. Sandy clayalso seems to support good growth.The sand you're planting in probably dries out and the other issue is probably a fertility problem. If it's real sandy all the nutrients, required for plant development have been washed to deep in the soil for the plants root-system to reach them.

Soil test the area and check for N,P,K. If they are extremely low, that may be it, depending on how long it's been since you fertilized.

If the plants try to grow and then stop it's more than likely a problem with fertilitity, assuming the pH is correct.

The E#xtreme should work but you have to support the forage with nutrition, ie fertilizer. It may take mutiple applications each year to have success with anything.

Usually 2 oz of RU concrentrate at 41% per gallon is sufficient to kill off a field. Again the height and type plants can increase the %age. Use 17-20 gallons of water per acre.

Good Luck
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Default RE: Whitetail Institute "Extreme"

Joga, if your soil tested at 6.4, did you add any lime? Did you fertliize the 1 acre at all? The sandy condition could be a contributing factor. But if you didn't lime or fertilize you wasted your time and $. Clover plots do better when your soil is as close to 7 neutral ph as possible. My soil originally tested in the same range as yours. Mine is also a small 1 acre plot. Ihad 3 tons of lime spread on mine, and the test also called for 600lbs of fertlizer I had mixed, and spread myself. It took me 2 yrs to do my foodplot. 1st yr I turned the heavy sod soil, and dragged it out. Later that fall I had the lime spread, and let it sit all winter. The following spring I re-dragged out the plot, then spread the fertilizer. I then broadcast the Clover seed. Dragged it again lightly with a set of bed springs. Just to cover it. Then rolled the whole lot to pack it into the soil.1 month later I had clover growing about about 3" in height. Another month later it was knee high, and I had to mow it for the first time. Since then the plot has been great, and the deer hammer it yr around. They even dig down through the snow to get at whatever they can. If you do it right, you'll get the results you want.
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Default RE: Whitetail Institute "Extreme"

I'd be happy with 6.4 for most clovers. I'd bet that the sandy soil dries up easily and the clovers cannot develop enough to prosper- or you are deficient in P or K.

Extreme is a different type of plot than I like. I do not have 1st hand experience - but I see how it can work. If clovers fail - then I too would trie something else - but with a sandy soil - I'd probably lean towards fall planted Oats, Rye or Winter wheat - since its easy to disk up.

Maybe try a fall planted cereal grain & a good white clover. Maybe getting the clover estasblished before spring rains would be the ticket.

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Default RE: Whitetail Institute "Extreme"

Ya know, a quick consult with your local ASCS guys could solve a bunch of problems. They have the LOCAL experience.

I have stayed completely away from those "Deer Factory" plant and seed materials since most of them can be purchased through a farm supply at a fraction of the cost. Read the content and go buy it from someone who is in the Ag business, not the "Deer Money Promotion" business.
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