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Best Mineral Mix?

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Default Best Mineral Mix?

Here is the situation. I have priveliges on a 320 acre farm that is 1/2 overgrown fields (not cut in several years) and half hardwoods that were clearcut in the last 20-30 years. I am unable to plant food plots at this time due to several issues. I almost exclusively bowhunt the property and there is only 4-5 gun hunters who take 2-4 deer every year. The vast majority of surrounding property (several thousand acres) is non hunting although it gets limited pressure from trespassers.

I am wanting to help increase the quality of the racks on the property and wanted to see what would be recommended. I have considered different mineral mixes, but I am unsure if that would help. I have also considered feeders with different feeds to help boost their protein intake, but I don't want to have to fill it regularly during the offseason. I will however, if it is the best option.

Thoughts, gang??
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Default RE: Best Mineral Mix?

Tucker, I too live in ohio and I hunt north of you in Hancock county its between columbus and toledo on 23. IfI remember chillicothi is similar to you with lots of farming right? But to help you out I have been hunting the same400 acre farm/woodsfor about eight years now. By no means am I a pro, I would rate myself at the 60-80% level, if its brown its down concept whenI first started to hunt this farm. The first three yearsI hunted would see alot of spike, fork and some six and small eight pointers but nothing ever big. Then I started puting out mineral and salt blocks and they have paid off! And on the mineral and salt blocks save your money and get a fifty pounder for five bucks from your local farm supply, their just the same as cabelas. Put them out now, but I would wait until the snow is gone (snow will melt a block real fast) you can put one out now but doubt it will be used much. I say this because where I put mine out the area is now all dug up in about a six foot circle and in the late winter to late summer(when growth for fawn embryos and antler growth is peeking) the blocks get licked alot and the ground is solid tracks no bare spots,but buy september the tracks start to die off and the block will actually get squirrel hulls on it, andI have yet to see a deer lick it during bow season. The results so far areI have taken tree nice eight pointers and this yearI have passed up an eight pointer because I am seeing a nice ten pointer! And I feel I owe it to the minerals needed that help build the antlers. I have planted clover plot three years ago with imperial brand clover and only have seen deer in it a few times. I think ohio deer are already born in a food buffet so clover is no big deal to them. This year I put out a "Stump Feeder" from cabelas and it is a gravity feeder that only holds fifty pounds of corn. I put it out two weeks before season started and have only filled it twice. Hopefully as it gets colder and feilds get picked over moreI will see it used more! Maybee it will be good for gun season/muzzel loader. But the clover and corn was not the "magnet" that I thought it would be, but it cant be hurting things. I have ordered "buck grub" from cabelas this week and hopefully its the "magnet" I want for the big guys? not sure maybe i'm trying to hard. Sorry this is so long, butI was happy to see a local hunter and just wanted to help, advice is hard to use from three hundred miles away. Good luck!
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Default RE: Best Mineral Mix?

Tucker - I've used minerals for several years now and think that the best minerals are ones with low salt content. Salt really doesn't have a lot of value but does act as an attractant so that the deer will take in the minerals mixed in. ThoughI have found no hard facts to how much minerals will help a deer grow bigger racks I believe they will help. A young buck will have most of it's nutrition from vegitation and minerals go to it's skeleton the first 3 to 4 1/2 years. Once he has matured then more will go to his rack.I compare a deer getting minerals to humans taking vitimens. I settled on a mineral called Procain which has 80 plus trace minerals and less then 20% salt. Not only the deer hit it but rabbits and turkeys frequent the lick as well. This mineral has a special cabonated mixture in it that keeps the minerals from soaking into the ground to far and is activated everytime rain hits it. I find the best places to put minerals is near a trail with cover (bedding areas)on it to make the deer feel like it has protection. I have santuary areas on all the properties I hunt and thats where I put my minerals. Mineral sites are also good areas to put up scouting cameras. Puting them down late winter to late summer when the bucks are growing is most effective.Good luck!
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Default RE: Best Mineral Mix?

Here is the mineral mix I use and it makes 200lbs for 23.00to30 dollars depending on where you live.

1part dicalcium phosphate - This is a dairy additive that nothing more than calcium and phosphate. not only helps bucks, but gives does good milk production in the spring for there fawns. Approx 11.00 for a 50lb bag at you local feed store.

1 part stock salt like the other post, only value is it acts as an atractent for the deer. 2.00 for a 50lb bag at the local feed store

2 parts Trace mineral salt red unmedicated kind. This is where all the minerals will come from. about 4.00 to 6.00 dollars a bag at the feed store.

For the first year replenish the lick after 6 months. from then on replenish once a year.

I have been using this recipe for 4 or 5 years know and am now really starting to see a difference in the herd.
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