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Clover Question

Old 10-09-2005, 09:09 AM
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The Imperial Whitetail Clover sounds like it might fit our situation based on their website. Heavy, moist bottomland, 30" of rain per year and the planting season is right. I don't have time this year to get the ph tested and corrected, but I might try 25 pounds and see how it works. The downside to their product is the $145 per 25#, but if it works...............
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I calledthe WHiteTail Institutethis fall and bought 50lbs for 214.00. There was a coupon in the back of their magazine. I don't have their number but I'm sure it's onn the web. Tell them you have the coupon. I think it comes with a two-year subscription to their magazine. Pretty good read, and it's free. I'm supposed to get 3 issues a year. ONly one so far, but it was informative.

Ask for the Dvd, it was free to,it gave me some pointers on planting that I didn't know.

Mine is planted in a river-bottom, only floods about once every two years. They told me that it could survive underwater for about aweekto 10 days. Past that it was hit and miss. It's doing great now that we've had rain.

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Money spent on seed is the lowest of all the costs of creating and maintaining a food plot. Check with your local seed store or co-op for the best seed for your area. Specialized seed developed specifically for whitetails are worth the extra money. Most generic seed has been developed for livestock and will not be preferred by deer, nor does it have the required protien level needed by deer. Commercial seed companies have developed plants that cater to whitetail needsandyou can findplant typesthat will grow in almost any soil. Clover seems to be the choice for wet areas, instructions say that the soil should retain moisture well but not stay wet all the time. Proper ph is the most important part of the food plot equation, without the proper lime and fertilizer amounts, the forage will not reach its full potential. You may want to try some greens developed for deer, such as collards, turnips, etc. These work well and deer love them. The optimum time deer utilize greens is just after the first frost, this causes the sugar content to go sky high. Deer have a sweet tooth, they crave sugar loaded plants and will taste test different forages until the sugar level becomes high, then they will wipe out a food plot withhin a few days. Then they move to the next preferred food source. I wish I had soil adequate to plant deer clover.
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