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Maxing out!

Old 05-04-2005, 12:19 PM
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Default Maxing out!

How many times do you get the maximum deer each season?
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Default RE: Maxing out!

Hi, I'm just starting to bow hunt this year. I bought some muzzy 90 grain broadheads. what would you reccommend me getting if I need to get some more?
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Default RE: Maxing out!

The total number of tags I can get each year varies. Anywhere from 3-6 usually. I almost always get at least 3, once I've gotten 6.

and for your 2nd question...the same ones you have now.
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Default RE: Maxing out!

Now that Ohio has urban deer tags ( doe) I could take 7 total deer ,including 1 buck.
I took 2 does and a buck last year .
Don't know what I would do with the extra meat.
As it was I gave over 1 whole deer away last year.
Most I ever took was 5 ,3 in Ohio , 1 in Pa and 1 in Mi.

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Default RE: Maxing out!

Lets see.........
2 per day from August 15 to January 1st.
Thats..........I can't count that high!
Most I ever got was 6. 3 down here and 3 in Wis.
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Default RE: Maxing out!

Cant say I ever maxed out we have 73 days to hunt and can kill 3 a day thats 219. I killed 29 in one season and have had a few close to that though.
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Default RE: Maxing out!

I could kill 12 a year. This year there may be a 17 deer limit, which a lot of hunters are totally not for, me included. I killed four this year, which is about what I normally do. I try to get one with my bow, a deer with my rifle, then sit out for a good buck. This year I killd an additional one at a family deer hunt at an Island where they're trying to keep the numbers down. My brother killed his first, and since October, with quite a few pounds of venison in the freezer, venison has literally been the only meat we have eaten except for the occasional chicken and hamburger from Wendy's. Keep in mind that the five of us eat atleast one dish with meat every six meals. My personal favoite is steak, baked potato, with garlic bread and a salad. That's doin' it right! It's neck to neck with sliced tenderloin, grits, eggs, and toast for breakfast.
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Default RE: Maxing out!

As I have gotton more "mature" in my hunting I am not tagging out. I pass on deer that I used to take. It has been 5 or 6 years since I killed more then 3 deer.
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Default RE: Maxing out!

I will usually fill every tag that I get - all 1 of them
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Default RE: Maxing out!

I average 5 a year for t he past 50 years
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