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$428 for a deer license in iowa now

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$428 for a deer license in iowa now

Old 05-07-2005, 10:29 PM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

It's still $17 here in Idaho - and we've got lots of public land to hunt on. I was back in Iowa this winter doing some work - and in my driving around all the land (farms) I saw appeared to be privately held. I asked a local where they hunt and he said "you have to know someone with land". Glad I don't live there.
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Old 05-07-2005, 10:59 PM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

Thank you for your honest statement!
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Old 05-08-2005, 09:05 AM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

the reason you are DYING to hunt iowa, is because of the efforts of the IBA. if it wasn't for groups like the IBA, our legislature would be whoring out deer tags like a madman. the legislature couldn't care less about the quality of the deer herd, they would sell unlimited NR tags if they could. then all the big bucks would be gone, and the NR with $$$ would move on to the next "hot state". our herd is the envy of many hunters, because tags are limited, and the gun season comes after the rut. instead of bawling like a spoiled brat, maybe your efforts would be better served by getting some changes made in your own home state.

oh, and would you please drop that "i pay taxes in iowa" crap. your daddy pays the taxes. the only tax you pay here, is when you stop at the gas station for a candy bar and a pop. the NR landowner situation has been the same for years. your daddy knew the regulations when he bought the land, it didn't bother him enough to stop him then, so it shouldn't be a problem now. iowa land is bringing a premium price right now, maybe you should get daddy to sell(at a huge profit) and buy more land in WI, or, do your homework, and buy in a state that has regulations you can live with.

and as far as land loss goes, anyone that wants, i can take and show thousands of acres, leased away from local hunters. this leasing company has many, many more acres than they have hunters. all they are doing is creating safe havens for deer, and drives the deer population higher. and lining their pockets with cash
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Old 05-08-2005, 10:57 AM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

hey hey the gangs all here..the IBA superheroes are now racing to to attack the heathen who criticize their agenda...t-roy, supertec, midwestbuck and packerman..by the looks of it, 3 of you joined because one of the others alerted you to my presence. you all joined hte other day. i must have really made you guys mad..what is your goal, to get me banned from here too? defintely not happening..i myself will say i've overexagerrated my opinion to get a rise from you guys. But you know what? The only people that object ot any landowner preference in iowa is members of the IBA. I asked a couple guys that are diehard bowhunters in iowa, true trophy hunters. They don't have their own ground. And they said they're not worried one bit about non-residents coming in. i believe that the IBA is getting everybody scared. Most people in NE Iowa dont see NR's as a problem. The IBA sees them as a problem. the IBA has done good for iowa deer hunters, but they've gone too far on the NR issue. They are making a mountain out of a mole hill. and you stoop so low as to hope i break a game law so i wont be able to hunt in "your" state. thats almost as bad as hoping i fall from a treestand.

This topic was completely dead until you guys rushed over from iowawhitetail. Once again, I challange you to find numbers and facts instead of spouting off the same "move to iowa if you dont like or the IBA is the reason iowa hunting is so good"(actually, its because the season is later and its shotgun only, you probably wouldnt understand that though). you are the same people who complain that big money is taking over iowa hunting and then you want a license fee raise. You guys ever notice that hordes of people come to hunt pheasants? better watch, they got a pheasant conspiracy going to buy up all the land too.

i want facts. i want to see all these non-residents buying land. Not just word of mouth "I lost my lease to a guy from MN and he's a total prick". Let's end this tireless name calling and bring your facts to the table. oh, thats right, you dont have any.

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Old 05-08-2005, 11:59 AM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

I don't have alot to add to this argument other than my hunting experiences in Iowa have been nothing short of fantastic..I don't know alot about the IBA and actually haven't heard much about it until reading this thread...As far as obtaining hunting ground in IA to hunt on I haven't experienced any problems...We have some friend there in IA that farm about 2500 acres and have invited us up to hunt for the last 15 years...We have asked others around there for permission to hunt while there and have been greeted by very friendly landowners that were most all willing to let us hunt...I have nothing but good to say about the landowners I have come across in IA...As far as the higher licenses I do not agree with them. They are all very high in alot of states and they are pricing out the everyday Joe from getting the opportunity to hunt...I think all these midwest states with greedy governments are taking advantage of all of us as hunters and sportsmen..They are going to continue to push the envelope until we say enough is enough...
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Old 05-08-2005, 01:22 PM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

Deerslayer - you still have not anwsered any of my questions regarding the WBA, getting tags out west, Illonios is higher than Iowa now, what do you do to make your own state a better place to hunt? Does your states bowhunter organization not look out for you? I'm trying like crazy to be civil here. Please anwser these questions. We do what our memberships supports. There are coalations in Iowa that all the sportsmans groups belong to. The Phesants and ducks groups are all hearing the same from their membership. You have no right to lay this all on the IBA when you know nothing about us, or any other group in Iowa. I think you need to get your facts straight and grow up a bit before you step up to the plate!
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Old 05-08-2005, 01:43 PM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

i hunt wis. as NR and i was thinking of trying iowa, no way am i going to pay that price, i would rather spend $430 on a colo. elk permit!
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Old 05-08-2005, 02:20 PM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now


We have disagreed on this topic before, and probably never will agree fully on it. I am in my fourth year of college in Iowa, hunting is my passion, I drive around every night watching deer wildlife and etc. I usually drive around 60-80 miles during that drive around some prime deer country. I have no numbers for you on how much land Non-Residents own, but what I do know, is that during that 60-80 mile drive, I have asked countless farmers to hunt with the same Response, NO!!. It doesn't bother me, I do not blame anyone for not letting me hunt, it is their land and their right to give permission to hunt that land. So now I hunt mainly all public land, which it isn't that bad, I don't mind the challenge of out-hunting the hunters that already hunt the same land as me. I have learned that it is hard for a guy to go out and gain access to land first-hand. The area I have been asking permission is mainly Iowa Residents. The typical response was either, I don't allow any hunting or I already have someone hunting. It's no big deal to me, but the point im trying to make that in my area it is Damn hard to gain land to hunt. Your main beef for all your posts is that you own land and you should be able to hunt. That is true, your dad does own land, but yet you still have to draw just like all the other Non-residents.

Now, let me ask other Non-residents of this site. Do you guys think that deerslayer should get a tag over you because his dad owns land and pays taxes in iowa? Or do you think that both of you should have an equal chance in the drawing to hunt iowa?

Let me state how I feel. First off, I feel all of your guys pain on a 428 dollar tag, that is alot of money. I do realize that and if it were up to me, it would not be that high. I have also had the chance to hunt with 4 guys from vermont during our shotgun season here, and let me tell you what, those guys were a blast to hunt with. I view any hunter as a friend, while we may all agree or disagree on something, one thing in common is we all love hunting.

Now it's no secret, Iowa has big bucks, but this is what I forsee in the future if a Non-Residents who own land, can hunt for next to nothing. Is it unreasonable for me to state that if a person can afford land in Iowa and can get a tag every year, that he wouldn't mind buying land in the future to hunt? I belive all of you guys are smart enough to realize that if non-residents who own land here, could hunt for almost free every year or even guaranteed to hunt here every year, that there would be a major increase in Non-Residents buying land in iowa.

I know all of you guys would love to hunt here, why is ask? It is because of the chance to take a quality whitetail, im not stupid either, that is why I live here. But what I can't understand is that if you enjoy hunting Iowa, and enjoy seeing big mature whitetails, why nobody can see why are laws are the way they are. I do not understand why everyone lashes out the IBA, when they are one of the biggest contributors as to why our deer herd is superb. Obviously there is a reason people want to come here to hunt, I think a majority of it is messed up laws in their own state regarding whitetails. I mean think about it, any state can grow big whitetails, it takes age and a structured deer season.

In my closing, I think all Non-residents should remain equal in the drawing, whether or not they own land. I also stated how hard it is from my experience to gain hunting access in my part of the state. Other areas may be different. In the part of the state I am in right now, I do not believe Non-residents purchasing land is a huge factor. I do believe that most of the land locked up is to residents, which is fine by me. But if nobody can open their mind up to see why our laws are the way they are, then Iowa's hunting in the future is doomed. I will agree with anyone the prices are too high in my opinion, just with that price alone it will weed out a few applicants to the drawing, and I feel bad for them. I wish everyone could hunt here, but I also wish people could understand why they cannot hunt here every year. It's a toss up, I like to hunt big mature whitetails, but maybe someday I won't have that chance if big money decides whether or not I can find a place to hunt.
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Old 05-08-2005, 02:50 PM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

Does your dad know how you talk to other people on these websites? If it were my dad I would of had the crap smacked out of me a long time ago for the lack of disrespect you show other people. Im not a member of the IBA, but if you are as passionate about the issues as you say you are maybe you should join. Your voice doesnt get heard by chattin on the internet, it will get heard as a member. You must be very fortunate to have a family that owns land. Not the smartest thing a person could do by shooting your mouth off about it when you dont even live in the same state as your ground. A quick google search and a plat book would show every tresspasser in the country where your ground is.
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Old 05-08-2005, 04:08 PM
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Default RE: $428 for a deer license in iowa now

same "move to iowa if you dont like or the IBA is the reason iowa hunting is so good"(actually, its because the season is later and its shotgun only, you probably wouldnt understand that though
aahhh...foolish child, once again you show how little actual knowledge you have of this subject. every year or two, it is attempted to move the gun season earlier. and who stands up for hunters rights, and quality herd management? the IBA. if it weren't for the efforts of the IBA the gun season would be earlier, and there would be so many tags released, that no one would want to hunt iowa.

i agree, $428 for a antlerless tag and an anysex tag is too high, can't argue that
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