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hunting vs. killing

Old 04-07-2005, 07:43 AM
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

As long as I keep eating tag soup instead of venison I'm sticking with hunting .
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

Hunting vs. Killing There is a difference. I like to refer to it as Hunting vs. Harvesting. There just a few instances where I call it Killing or Harvesting instead of Hunting. Like canned hunts for example, or high fenced hunting. I'm not saying it's all wrong and bad, just not hunting. But that's my opinion, everybody has that.
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

Hunting is a lot of things to a lot of different people. Had your grown up in a different state you would have different views. The most important thing I've come to learn is not knock other peoples styles and choices in thier hunting methods. Some things I may not agree or understand, but its not my place to tell them it isn't right for them.
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

I don't think anything has changed. Sure this baiting crap is out of control IMO. But in the old days, I heard my grandfather talk about driving mostly for deer.

For me niether are truely hunting. But for another guy it is. Its something that you have to decide for yourself and make up your mind on "are you having fun".
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

I agree with rybohunter. So much of what you consider to be acceptable is based on what you are used to,what the methods were in the area where you grew up.I would also agree with others who have said that we need to be careful not to sit in judgement because someone else's preferred method doesn't match our own. The bottom line for me is,is it legal in the state you are hunting.While I may not choose to bait or drive or hunt with a particular weapon I will not criticize someone else who chooses to,provided it is legal.
As it relates to consumption,as long as whatever is shot is eaten either by myself or someone else I would have no other ethical concern.
Lastly as it relates to simplicity in the equipment we use or using things out of pure necessity.I agree that most of us over analyze the equipment we use and the importance of what we use,there is a lot to be said for getting back to the basics.Having said that though,I definitely enjoy always pursuing equipment that it is better more dependable,things that will contribute to my effectiveness.Most of us,myself included would be better off to focus on being more skilled hunters than the "latest this" or the "newest that".Again though I would never criticize any one for their pursuit of those things!
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

Since I'm selective in what I shoot and I don't shoot everything I see, I guess It means I'm hunting.

Others have said it well. Hunting is enjoying the outdoors. If I see a good buck or a doe that offers a high percentage shot I'll take it and hopefully kill the animal. If there is one thing the hunting community needs to do is stick together no matter what. You and I may not agree with hunting over bait but if it's legal and someone wants to, we as hunters need to support their way of hunting. When we hunters divide ourselves into groups and critque each others style of hunting or even worse, oppose a legal method of hunting all we do is hurt hunting in general.

Example, In Maine we had a referendum of baiting bear. There were actually hunters (non bear hunters) who voted to have bear baiting banned because they didn't like the method of hunting. This sickens me. If it's legal, it's hunting and I support it.

Just my $0.02
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

well to ME i think that shooting animals over a pile of corn or hunting high fenced areas is not what I would call hunting. other then that i say get out there and enjoy yourself! i watch to many hunting shows where guys throw out a pile of corn and shoot the big buck that comes in to eat it and i don't think that is right. they know the corn isn't natural and they are in a more relaxed state and will allow you to get away with just about anything.

i also never shoot more then what i can eat, and i don't shoot animals that i won't eat unless it is going to freinds/family that would enjoy it
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

thanks to all who have replyed. i agree with a lot of the statments that have been made. i do not mean to be argumentative. i am just trying to get a better understanding of how and why people hunt the way they do. i'm not trying to put anyone down, or insult them. it just seems that the challange is being taken out of hunting.
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

I climb a tree with my treestand and use my bow to hunt. I do not use bait or scent lures. I do use cover spray though. I consider this hunting. I believe using a gun to shoot a deer at several hundred yards is not hunting.
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Default RE: hunting vs. killing

Either way we're doing what we're supposed to do!!! God put 'em here, We made guns, we take 'em down(however you prefer) and eat 'em!!!!!!
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Quick Reply: hunting vs. killing

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