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Texas Hunters Please Read

Old 03-07-2005, 11:21 AM
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Default Texas Hunters Please Read

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is now accepting public comments on proposed hunting legislation changes; one of these changes would prevent people from killing animals over the internet via a remote controlled rifle. Please go to the link below and give your opinion on this. I personally think remote controlled hunting is despicable and should be outlawed.

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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

I did mine. This internet hunting is a disgrace and outlawing it in Texas should be a no-brainer.[:@]
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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

Did mine. . . . .
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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

Read about this a few months back utterly unethical.

did mine
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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

Wish a Yankee could help you.
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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

I submitted my opinion and some comments. I'm with you. Internet based shooting of animals is NOT hunting. You have to be in the field, your own legs moving you around, your own hands on the firearm, your smell out there in the game fields. Of course, there are other hunting practices that are commonly accepted by hunters which I object to, but that is beside the point and pretty much my opinion which isn't necessarily better than anyone elses.
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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

filled it out!!!! [:@]
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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read

Internet kill? Hello? Other than drop my computer on the head of a deer under my stand, how do I kill a deer with my computer? Sorry, I just don't understand???
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Default RE: Texas Hunters Please Read


This is a portion of a news story about this issue. I copied it from another thread on this forum.

GRANTS PASS, Oregon (AP) -- Ever since man picked up a rock to kill dinner, hunters have been technology pioneers. These days, they've got more gadgets than ever to choose from.

Heat sensors will spot wounded game in dense brush, remote-controlled cameras can scout game trails. There are motorized duck and deer decoys, electronic duck and coyote calls and even holographic archery sights.

But some of the latest in hunting tech pushes the ethical envelope, and some states are outlawing high-tech innovations that game managers feel give hunters an undue advantage.

A San Antonio entrepreneur recently created an uproar with a Web site, www.live-shot.com , that aims to allow hunters to shoot exotic game animals or feral pigs on his private hunting ranch by remote control, with the click of a mouse, from anywhere in the world.

"The idea of sitting at a computer screen playing a video game and activating a remote controlled firearm to shoot an animal is not hunting," said Kirby Brown, executive director of the Texas Wildlife Association, a hunters' group. "It's off the ethical charts."

The Texas game commission appears to agree, and is moving to outlaw remote-control hunting for native game animals. But it will take an act of the legislature to stop it with exotic game animals on private property, and at least one lawmaker says that is just what he will do.

Live-Shot owner John Lockwood figured his idea was not much of a stretch from the predominant Texas practice of shooting from a tree stand at deer drawn to mechanical feeders and would allow disabled hunters and servicemen overseas to continue to enjoy the sport.

Under his plan, the hunter would aim and fire a .30-06 rifle by remote control from a computer terminal, with a video camera allowing him to sight in on his prey. An attendant in the blind with the rifle could override any unsafe or unethical shots.

"It's just like it was if you paid for a guided hunt on my ranch, or any one of a thousand of them here in Texas," said Lockwood. "Ever since we stopped running after our prey and killing it with our hands we have evolved into distancing ourselves farther and farther from the game and making it more and more efficient, for whatever reason we want to take it."
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