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Default RE: Gutting

Gut as fast as possible. Have to cool off the meat in a hurry. Best way to keep fresh and clean. Has a lot to do with the quailty of the meat when it hits the table.
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Default RE: Gutting

in the field
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Default RE: Gutting

I gut them, skin them and bone them out right where they drop , No draging for me thats too much work, just put the deer sections in a pac frame and away I go. Gut piles don't seem to bother the deer . I have shot several deer beside them. Make sure its legal where you hunt.
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Default RE: Gutting

i gut mine in the field. they are easier to drag, and load by yourself without the organs. plus it is just one less thing i have to dispose of (that i am not going to eat) when i get back to camp. besides coyotes gotta eat too.
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Default RE: Gutting

Gut that critter right there on the spot and get that chest cavity opened up ASAP and stick a branch in its cavity to open it up. Throw snow or a couple bags of ice in its cavity but get it cooled down. Good quality tasting meat depends on how you handle it from the field to the frezzer, besides as 45-70 said, the gut pile is usually gone by the morning.
Alot of WMA's require that you don't field dress it because local biologist want samples, so also cheque with the regulations also. Bobby
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Default RE: Gutting

Depends where I'm hunting but given the option I gut them right there.
We've got coyotes here as well & more often than not the next day the piles gone, turkey buzzards find them quick too.
Got a couple suburban bowhunting spots the people asked me not to leave the guts there as their dogs have gotten them before & these I do in my pickup bed over a large garbage can with a bag in it. Just lay them on their side by the edge & plop it in, tie the bag shut & dispose of it.

They sure dont mind a pile of guts anyway as I'v shot deer next to gut piles & watched others just walk by. They might stop & sniff a bit but its just as likely theyre smelling me as their buddy & they dont seem concerened.
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Default RE: Gutting

i always see on the tv shows they throw them in the truck and gut them back at camp. no way. not leaving gut piles in the woods so the area calms down? one of the dumbest things i've heard in a while. gut piles, blood, or hair dont bother deer. coyotes usually dont either.

I always gut mine in the field. no gloves either. getting stuff on my hands doesnt bother me at all.

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Default RE: Gutting

Gut piles don't seem to bother the deer . I have shot several deer beside them.
This past year, I dropped a doe during the rut, gutted her and the next day my buddy went to me spot and saw a buck sniffing around the pile.
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Default RE: Gutting

I gut mine as soon as i shoot it. Am very careful to not hit the stomach[:'(]!!!
As soon as i get back to camp i skin it then
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