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Default RE: Gutting

All deer are carried to the skinning shed where we have water, winch, concrete floor and a walk in cooler.
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Default RE: Gutting

We always gut our deer where they drop with one exception. We have one excellent old apple orchard that we hunt only out of stands. When we get one, we'll take a 4 wheeler to retrieve the deer. Then we'll load it in a truck and take it up the road a couple of miles to state land then field dress. We have an awful coyote problem and we figure we don't need to be drawing them into the orchard. 9 ot of 10 times wherever we gut a deer, the gut pile will be gone by the next day.

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Default RE: Gutting

Always gut mine in the field, makes easier to drag back. I stop at the membrane between the intestines and the vitals. That way you can leave the heart and liver in until you get out and gives you two less things to carry. Then once out of the woods, the job can be finished.
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Default RE: Gutting

In the field.
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Default RE: Gutting

I gut mine where they fall, which the hunt clubs frown on here in SC. They want you to take them to the club house or skinning shed to gut and skin them.I prefer to do it the way I have done it for years in Wis.
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Default RE: Gutting

I gut mine as soon as I find it. That makes the drag easier. plus it is quite interesting
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Default RE: Gutting

Allways gut it out in the field. It makes it lighter to carry and it will help save your meat. Do this asap!
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carry it back to camp and gut it, with blood and guts on the ground.coyotes and buzzards will take over, i know with the deer smelling human scent, their alerted,just think about it with blood and guts left on the ground.
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Default RE: Gutting

I always dress in the field. It starts the cooling process much faster. I also wear two pairs of gloves. A pair of nitril gloves, and a pair of shoulder length gloves over them. A few years back I cut my finger with my knife. Just a small cut. Well, I picked up something from the deer's blood. Spent three weeks on heavy anti-biotics, and very close to the bathroom. Stuff was coming out both ends non stop. Also spent a couple days in the hospital getting IV and more anti biotics. I am going to do my best never to go through that again. The nitril gloves were the doctors idea. They are not cut proof, but more so than your skin.
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Default RE: Gutting

at camp. Shoot em, load em on 4 wheeler/truck, gut then hang (or hang then gut for some of the guys).

I wouldnt want a pile of guts in front of my stand unless im all tagged out.

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