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Default RE: Gutting

Always gut in the field......lighter to drag out and starts to cool right away!!
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Default RE: Gutting

Wow! Everyone here guts in the field? I asked the same question once on a board composed of mostly Southeastern hunters and the answer was always in camp. I always gut in camp and so does everyone I've ever hunted with....


I wonder if it's a regional thing.
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Default RE: Gutting

Shoot, gut, tag, load, hang and skin ASAP.

Opps I forgot one step take a picture if possible or wanted before I gut..
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Default RE: Gutting

I always field dress everything I take once I recover it. I gut fish and ice em. I gut deer and hang em. I just gut!

Don't know if it's regional or not...everyone I hunt with field dress on the spot vs in camp or at home.
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Default RE: Gutting

I always gut my deer in the field. It makes them easier to drag and makes me feel a little better about the meat quality. Take a few rubber gloves with you and the mess will be minamul.
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Default RE: Gutting

you can buy surgical throw away gloves that stretch up to your shoulder by the box, very cheap to.
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Default RE: Gutting

i always gut mine in the field
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Default RE: Gutting

I always gut mine asap. I makes the dragging a whole lot easier
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Default RE: Gutting

Not me, I'm too close to home or camp to leave a gut pile in the woods. I want the area to calm down as soon as possible and I don't want to feed them dang yotes anything for free.
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Default RE: Gutting

If I ever get a frikin deer I would Gut it on the spot because that what most people I know do, then go back to camp and hang it.
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Quick Reply: Gutting

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