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This is scary...

Old 02-17-2005, 10:22 AM
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Default This is scary...

This makes me want to stay very active in support of our sport. (I do anyway) With all the USA bashing going on her in the United States, could we see this for deer, coyote, bowhunting (the new merger of the animal rights nuts)...?

Anyway, lets keep the support for the NRA and any other pro-hunting organization or public officials. When someone threatens us, lets let them know the we will make sure they lose and we win!


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Default RE: This is scary...

the scary thing is most peolpe are setting back and just let it happen[:@]
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Default RE: This is scary...

dang. that sucks. I agree with you guys.
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Default RE: This is scary...

Fox hunting with hounds is just about the only thing that's gone, but there's a mass protest scheduled for this weekend with some Dukes and other important persons participating. Ordinary hunting is kind of still allowed. You can have a dog to flush game, and two dogs per hunting party. The dogs can pursue rats or hares and retrieve birds they flushed. The really stupid thing is if your dog pursues an animal you must shoot it, even if its out of season. If you are hunting hares, and your dog chases a deer, even though deer are out of season and you aren't allowed to shoot them with a shotgun, you must shoot it. Hunters think they can comply with the law by missing the deer.
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Default RE: This is scary...

Nibble, nibble, nibble........Everytime the essobees can get another type of hunting stopped or restricted it is another victory. They are well organized and well funded. Doesn't matter if it is here or in another country, they just nibble, nibble, nibble.
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Default RE: This is scary...

ORIGINAL: cnhntr

dang. that sucks. I agree with you guys.
same that sux we cant let the tree hugers do this is rosavelt in office and alive for that matter i would feel better he would piss on those treehugers

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Default RE: This is scary...

ORIGINAL: m.t.hands

the scary thing is most peolpe are setting back and just let it happen[:@]
BINGO! Most people think that what has happened in Austrailia, England, and Canada can't, or won't happen here! It can, and it will, IF we let it happen!
Every hunter, and gun owner should be an active member of the NRA!
It is sad that many hunters, and gun owners have bought into the anti's propaganda crap, that the NRA is a radical organization.
The NRA is our best bet to ensure that the Second Amendment, and hunting are preserved for future generations!
Wake up people! The "assault weapons are bad," and "we don't want to outlaw hunting guns," are LIES! Guns are guns, and they want them ALL!
$ million NRA members are a strong, and feared voice to politicians! Imagine what 40 million, (roughly half of American gun owners) could do to preserve guns and hunting!
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Default RE: This is scary...

Everything on my sig line here also appears in my corepondence materials as well .
I have NRA mailing labels , Wildlife Forever's too . My NRA card is clearly visible when I open my wallet to show my ID , behind it are the cards for the other orgs and my lifetime hunting license . When asked I freely answer the question "Are you really a NRA member ?" with "Bet yer ass I am !" . Since the question has usually been asked in a condescending tone I already know what's coming , and I'm armed with the facts . Bunny huggers and tree fairies scuttle away from me within seconds of beginning the conversation because there's no doubt that I will prevail , my wife says that I could cut my steak with my tongue if I wanted too ...
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Default RE: This is scary...

Crap like this just makes me so angry!
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Default RE: This is scary...

Fox "hunting" isn't really like a hunt. They usually get torn to shreds by the dogs before folks get (or attempt to) the dogs under control. No one eats them. Pelts are trashed. They "hunt" them to "keep them out of the livestock", much like we prairie dog "hunt" here, to "protect our livestock".

They're British. Bathe maybe every couple weeks. Jeez, just look at Princess Chucky - he LOOKS like he smells. How can anyone, anywhere get such big ears and teeth in a single lifetime?

Uncle Matt (in USA!)
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Quick Reply: This is scary...

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